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Here, the users have to make use of maximum intelligence.Selecting the right one has been one of the major risk factors in online dating.

Thesis Statement: There are some key facts and background data to online dating with its history of negative and positive outcomes, and the steps you could take to date safety and effectively. Some of us remember the popular Tom Hanks movie “You’ve Got Mail” in 1998 and with its release on-line dating started to gain full speed. Now, most of us are familiar with the concept of on-line dating.But, did you know that the first matrimonial service was created in a form of newspaper ads in 1700, just shortly after appearance of the first newspaper?That’s according to the article History of On-Line Dating, of course, I found on line.Think Before you start: No system is devoid of defects.

The vast world of online dating has been a permanent headache for parents of teens and youngsters.

Latest researches put forward the fact that only about 5% of people who use Online Dating services in fact set up a relationship with someone they first make contact with.

Only 10% of people who join Online Dating sites really get any replies.

(Transition: Let’s begin with presenting some interesting and hopefully useful facts about on-line dating and examine some of the background information available.

The concept of online dating has many positive sides.

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