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Even if you have your windows and doors locked, they can always get into your house via the computer.

They can lure children out, children who are unsuspecting as to exactly who it is they`re going to meet.

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED MALE: (INAUDIBLE) 14-year-old girl. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: In an alley less than 100 yards from the back door of Kailee`s home. Can I just say real quick I mailed you a letter with a poem for Zahra Baker. He leaves with his wife and her sister, like 30 minutes later. Explain to me what the woman in the parking lot, the footage we got of the lady in the parking lot, what she observed? He is the father, the daddy of the children she was babysitting. If this could all be proved against him, and certainly the evidence is starting to stack up a bit in early observations. I don`t know why people commit crimes knowing there is video cameras everywhere anymore in this day and age. I mean -- GRACE: You know what, Laura, that was my question, too, when I was calling for that sound earlier to point out if I saw that, I would call police. CW, a lot of people always ask, why didn`t she run? GEORGE, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Well, Nancy, I think one of the strongest things also that they have are observations of people who saw him in her custody. MICKI: I feel like this little girl could have been saved if that lady would have just spoken up, just went over there to that little girl and asked her if she was OK. I know she played bingo or something with her sister or was with her sister for a period of time, but then she came back home. And just thank you so much for you all`s time and effort.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Nebraska mother, Nora Clapp, says she last sees her daughter, Kailee, around PM getting ready for bed. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Then a disturbing clue, a pool of blood. She enters the hotel -- the motel with Humberto Salinas to babysit his children. , the girl exits, walks down the hallway in a hurry carrying her shoes, trying to put her coat on. He returns her back, forcing her into the motel room. He said, you know, Elizabeth left her purse in my car. BOARD: Well, that`s what -- GRACE: And they were not dating. Because Salinas told Elizabeth`s mother that Elizabeth might have run away with her son. Back to Stephanie Berzinski, joining us out of Lubbock, Texas. First of all, the lady that was just speaking who said that she seen the look of fear and him putting her in the car at the Dollar General, why did she not contact the police immediately? (END OF VIDEO CLIP) GRACE: To CW Jensen, Portland Police captain, retired. To Stephanie Berzinski, where was the wife during all this? (END OF VIDEO CLIP) GRACE: Joining us right now is her aunt, Elizabeth`s aunt, Lily Huckabee. LILY HUCKABEE, AUNT OF ELIZABETH ENNEN, GIRL BELIEVED TO BE DEAD: Thank you. HUCKABEE: I just want to thank the people who sent us prayers, thoughts, was willing to help.

I think we`re really uncovering something, in fact, over the course of this series, Nancy. And what is so scary is that somebody can get into your house and take a child out without you even knowing it. But we look at the circumstances and say, This girl left.

And that`s the fact that law enforcement loves to call a kid a runaway when there`s absolutely nothing pointing in that direction, except for the fact that the child has suddenly disappeared. And I don`t know why this should even make a difference, Marc Klaas. KLAAS: Well, in fact, they can get into your house in a number of ways. So the fact that they`ve run away doesn`t mean that this is something we can turn our backs on. I mean, in law enforcement, we get so many teenage children that run away, it becomes our default. Now, if there`s damage to the room, if there`s blood, if her wallet... We have to be able to have protocols to deal with this issue much better than it`s being dealt with right now. And it`s really not that we`re doing anything wrong. So in that kind of circumstance, you say to yourself... We don`t know she left with her cell phone or her clothing. Sign up for Russian Chat and you will have free video chats Russian service.. Conversation Video Chat Translation Romantic Tours meetings flowers.. The contribution of Ashton Kutcher, Sean Fanning video chat site Chatroulette can deploy genital filter traffic to stop a wave of significant .. Marriage dating video chat Live Video Delivery Russia Brides .. Video chat site Chatroulette can deploy genital-filtering software to stop a large wave of pervs flocking to the property to show . All rooms have a video on, but do not need a webcam to chat .. There is a short advice on the use of our chat: Meet Russian women and Ukrainian girls on the Internet in real time using our chat and video chat service.. Welcome to Origin Club now the biggest directory of free live Webcams: Live Cams Chat Voice Chat - View live webcams or make you have! My good friend, admirer and former winner Nervous Circle DOTW, Jeremy Sieverts told me this weekend about this particular site.. Russian Women Agency invite you to online video chat with a Russian women from CIS countries . THIS COPY MAY NOT BE IN ITS FINAL FORM AND MAY BE UPDATED. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We want to see justice for Kailee, (INAUDIBLE) whatever the law hands out to him. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I want to see justice for Kailee. GRACE: I feel great, and I am counting my blessings every day. She said the look in her eyes was just complete fear. PAM: Well, let me tell you, I just wanted to thank you for all the things you do for the mothers and the parents of these children. And I wanted to ask you, do these kids have computers in their bedrooms and do their parents know their passwords? I do not know whether or not the mother had a password. UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Now, police are charging 45-year-old Humberto Salinas, Jr. (END OF VIDEO CLIP) (COMMERCIAL BREAK) (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Surveillance video at a local motel allegedly shows -- UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Missing 15-year-old Elizabeth Ennen. And yet really, nobody should be out there abusing a child. Why not go forward and say, this doesn`t look good to me. And as we see in this case, and many other cases, that isn`t what happens. DEPUTY MEDICAL EXAMINER, FORENSIC PATHOLOGIST: The thing that would complicate the scene there is that it`s cleaned daily or it`s supposed to be cleaned daily. GRACE: Unleash the lawyers, Peter Elikan, Carmen St. I think he mentioned that he was -- actually dropped her off with his children in the car, too, went along for the ride because he didn`t want to leave them alone in the hotel room.