Pinay conversation with sex Myfreechat

I think this Asian / Latino is very very attractive.

But as I start to get older I really start to appreciate to be with a girl that I can understand and talk with too as I’m not horny 24/7 anymore. I think that you have to learn Thai unless she talk very good English. I really love the look of both Thai girls and Pinay girls.

I Googled ‘hot Thai girls‘ and ‘hot Pinay girls‘ for you. Thai girls are usually more petite and many of them have similar looks as Chinese girls with those typical Asian eyes and petite bodies.

Another cool thing with Pinay girls is that most of them love the same series and movies that we watch in the West.

Every Pinay girl knows about Friends, Simpsons and Family Guy.

Especially the ‘whiter version’ of Thai people who you’ll find in Bangkok and Chang Mai / Chiang Rai.

Pinay girls on the other hand have more curves (but not too much), bigger boobs and is the only Asian country in Southeast-Asia where the girls don’t have those typical Asian eyes, but more roundish dark eyes like those you’ll find in South America.

In the Philippines however pretty much every girl I’ve ever met talked English.

If a girl don’t speak English in the Philippines she is either mute, brain-damaged or 6 years old.

You also hear Thai girls say “up to you” and “no problem” much more than the average Pinay girl. That is not always a certainty with Pinay girls who are much more direct with what they want.

Both countries are jealous out of this world, but I’ve heard some crazy stories from the Philippines so I think they are a little bit more paranoid.

If that happens in Thailand with a Thai girl she is either on drugs or a hooker.