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However, only a few of them admit that these are not the things that make their stay in the Philippines worthwhile.

If you like to know Filipina women more, they’re pretty and gorgeous, but what makes the experience more fun and a bit unforgettable are the Filipina bar girls.

These ladies will surely keep you coming back in the Philippines.

However, this sounds sweeter in a foreigner’s ears than hearing her ask money for the sex.

If you haven’t visited a girly bar, this section is for you.

They are also very bubbly, they know quite well, how to entertain you and still keep that innocence of making you feel that you still want to stay with her.

In the Philippines, women have high regards with themselves, so bar girls are viewed negatively. Most ladies who became bar girls only do so out of poverty. They feel that it’s the only way they can do to feed their family.

While entertaining foreigners, a Filipina bar girl is hoping that the next man she will encounter will take her as girlfriend and eventually marry her.

If you are open to marrying a bar girl, there are always risks of a failed marriage.Typically, she will introduce herself with “Hi, how are you? They might ask you, “How old are you” or “How young are you” and “Where are you from?” When your drink is served, some bars will ask you to sign an “invoice” just a small paper with the name of your drink along with its price to avoid issues that happened with drunk customers who claimed to have ordered fewer drinks. After a couple of minutes when you feel comfortable with each other, she will politely request for a lady drink.These ladies are not the typical sex worker or prostitute you usually see in movies. In fact, some of them just dress normally while others wear revealing outfit.Whenever they get near you or sit beside you, they have this charm of making you feel like you are their first customer.Filipina bar girls are pretty but they have different backgrounds. Others went out of school at an early age, they don’t speak English well but they understand and can still express themselves. They know how to approach you so you will accommodate her.