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The Predacon returned to Megatron's citadel, where Starscream reflected it was a pity it couldn't tell them why it failed.

The Predacon responded by growling, rather quietly and angrily.

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He disabled both and destroyed the Forge of Solus Prime, but was stopped from delivering the final blow by Optimus Prime.Predaking continued to believe that once Cybertron was restored, Megatron would resurrect the rest of the Predacon race.After several hilarious attempts to make the beast compliant, Starscream was ordered to deploy it against the Autobots currently attacking one of the dig sites.The Predacon attacked Ultra Magnus, Bulkhead, and Wheeljack, eventually causing a cave-in after swatting away Wheeljack's grenade.Starscream frantically tried to fix it, eventually attempting to reboot the network by entering an override access code into a computer console.

The Predacon watched him and later, when alone, it entered Starscream's access code into the computer and began to call up information on the origins and existence of Predacons.

Overhearing Megatron's demand that the bone fragment be brought to him, the Predacon complied and left the rest to Starscream.

Back at the Nemesis, the Predacon responded to Starscream's continued orders with a swipe of his tail that missed the Decepticon but demolished the ship's communications array.

The cave-in unearthed a Predacon optic, the sight of which awakened a memory in the beast.

It brought the eye to Starscream, then engaged Miko Nakadai, who had acquired the Apex Armor.

A missile to the back from Starscream rattled him enough that Megatron was able to blast him out of an airlock.