Problems with dating a stripper

Repeat to me the word."She could feel it jerk when her fingers moved over it.Her hand ran up and down the shaft that bobbed beneath her fingers, his pants holding it pinned in tightly.

First he wanted some relief from the wanton display Vanessa was putting on with her mouth.

She looked up again, her green eyes pleading, not sure why she was acting like this or why she was obeying his orders, but she let the cock slip from her mouth, her hands grabbing his shorts and yanking them quickly down to his knees.

She ran her mouth up and down the shaft as if she was eating an ear of corn, her teeth biting lightly on the shaft.

Her lips got to the head, pressed tightly to it, biting harder through the pants as she nibbled on it as it throbbed beneath her lips.

Her short, plaid schoolgirl skirt rose up high, almost to her waist, her black panties silhouetting her white thighs as she twirled sensuously. She had just turned was 17, going on 19.8 in a few days.

Very beautiful as the men all noticed, six large cocks erect, bulging their pants.

She cringed at his command, ashamed at how she was performing, her innocent hands stroking his cock, her mouth overflowing with his balls as she continually gagged, each time feeling his cock jerk in pleasure.

She had to fight his sphincter, as she slowly pushed her dry finger into the opening, his hips moving forward, his balls pushing farther into her mouth, feeling like they were going to be forced down her throat.

This is what the investors paid so much for, watching as Dr. Michael put a bright, chrome metronome in front of her, the large hand moving back and forth, the gentle click of the metronome filling the air.

Michael made the girls strip naked for them, their brains fighting their hands as they slowly stripped the clothes from their bodies; their skin flushed red in embarrassment as their clothes fell to the floor. Michael was perverted, his cock always enjoying the girls to the fullest, with the others joining in, taking each girl; two, three, and even four men, stuffing all of her holes with their man sized cocks. He began to talk to her in a gentle, monotonous voice, more concerned with the sound than what he was saying. Anything without question, your hands eager to carry out my bidding, ignoring what your brain might tell you. ""When you hear the word cunt your pussy will get wet.

"Spin it round and round, spin it round and round and round, I want you to dance naked." Vanessa twirled around, her unbuttoned blouse blowing out to the side, her bra barely able to contain her large breasts.