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Learning how to end an affair with a married man is harder to do than with a single man, for a variety of reasons.The good news is that it can be done by employing a few hardcore tactics.

Stolen moments with you provide elements of thrill and danger to an otherwise humdrum existence.* Even if he says he's ready to leave home and set up household with you, consider this: If wife No. As the old adage states, "There's plenty of fish in the sea".Why waste your valuable time, attention and talent on a stale, second-hand junk variety, who was hooked by someone else years ago?Hence, neither will you.* What about those office parties, family birthdays, wedding, even funerals?You'll be attending these functions alone, with no visible partner to support you or keep you company. * Most serious of all, if there are children involved, think of them. Are you willing to be responsible for breaking up their family?With a married man, you only see him at his best for short periods of time.

You don't spend enough time with him to get bored of him, and the relationship never really gets out of the "honeymoon" phase.In fact, it often brings on nothing but pain and heartache.Knowing that and doing something to change it are often two different things.You'll be an objct of pity and many will wonder what's wrong with you, and why you can't find a boyfriend.* Life is short and youth is fleeting. If they're old enough to remember that he left their mother because of you, it will be difficult to become an effective stepparent.* These are only a few of the problems you'll encounter, if you allow yourself to fall in love with a married man.You are wasting valuable time when you should be laying a firm foundation for a bright future with someone you can trust. You deserve so much better than this two-timer.* To him, it's a fling, an enjoyable interlude in a marriage which is comfortable, but may have become routine. Use your willpower and your common sense and walk in the opposite direction as quickly as you can. either sex, however, may bring a little gift, its value to be determined by the bizarrness of the sexual request to be made later that evening. All I have to do is read the paper: I'm marrying Richard Gere, dating Daniel Day-Lewis, parading around with John F. - Stockard Channing Fidelity to the subject's thoug Any idiot would know women's needs are simple.