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It can feel a little small after a while, but if you are willing to put in some work there are enough interesting people to make it very worthwhile. This is a best experience I've had is with a dating.After being on for a few weeks I met someone that I was immediately attracted to. At first I thought this site was too good to be true,was so happy when I discovered it is every bit as amazing as it claims to be.It represents a fun and easy way for people to communicate across the globe.

Joined and immediately was inundated with messages from 21 year old CEO supermodels asking me if I enjoyed long walks by the beach and gazing into the night sky.Strange, as messages on other sites have always been of the "want to see my c*ck*" variety!The site blocks and censors messages between REAL users.I used a fake profile to prove this (thus both my profiles are "real" users) 1. Waiting for the "You misunderstood," "All of our members are real," "These aren't fake photos you can even video chat with them! ;) PS: Great domain, shame its wasted on this sh*t.Our main aim is to provide our users with care and attention, thus we have services that allow everybody to engage in the conversation. It's very simple to use - choose age, sex, and type the message and it will be sent to a bunch of members that match this criterion. Are people from diffrent countries and many miles apart really hooking up and finding their love? I paid to test and see because my first impression was really bad, very fake profiles with basically the same texts.

Looks like you were getting a lot of Let's Mingle requests recently. Thank you is one of best dating site I have visited. I was impressed with the verifying the picture site of it as some people do not put their real pictures. I think is the safest because of by picture verify. I also found it weird that as soon as I looked at a profile the person would shoot me a message..this site doesn't show who's viewing your profile...another strange fact is that you don't have the option to delete your profile. All our members are approved by the site's staff and they upload their videos and photos personally.

I have met someone, that wow I didn't think was possible, someone who is a great thinker and an amazing soul, I was unsure it would work me, but whatever happens, its been a massive benefit to hopefully finding the one It's a great site with a very clean and easy layout.

I've met a number of partners over the years on, both for casual hookups and longer-term relationships.

My last day on a found the most beautiful Lady, she is my world, and soul mate I almost gave up. She is out there I just waited for the best to get together. We have a lot in common, we finish each others sentences. I also like the fact of the phone verification and the Facebook verification. I was impressed with the messenger and it gives the opportunity to decide if you want to chat with a person or not. I deleted everything, my pictures but could not exclude it . I also bought credits 1 day and had to cancell/block my credit card because the site charged me 5 times in a row on the same day, so they also work with extorsion... We also have an option of video chat, where you can the members live. is the place to meet people from around the world for exciting communication and online companionship.

It increases members chances of meeting someone new, discovering unique places as well as doing things that they never knew they would have an opportunity to do before.

You need to play with your profile many times to get the profile to show, even if it is set as the thumbnail. Looking forward to bidding on it when Google blacklists it for black hat marketing practices and it becomes useless to you guys Hello! We are truly sorry that your experience with our site was not successful. We have no goal in ensuring you that you have misunderstood something, my job here is to address and clarify your concerns, that's all. They will continuously charge your credit card without you knowing.