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Sub-Saharan Africa carried the heaviest burden, accounting for almost two thirds of all new HIV infections began to develop a surveillance system in order to uniformly track the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the United States. Scroll down and check out her short and medium hairstyles.

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It's perhaps just as well, for as tenderly beautiful as the first set is, confirming Yamagata as a sultry modern torch-singer in the vein of Cat Power, on its own it tends to present her as a one-trick pony of somewhat melancholy cast, its soft alliances of guitar, piano and tasteful string and woodwind underscoring her tremulous vocals in a way that almost cripples tracks like "What If I Leave" and "Sunday Afternoon" with tastefulness.

This, however, disguises some ugly emotional truths, as she conveys the despair of a bereaved parent in "Little Life" ("Can you tell me why this little life goes so fast?

Angelina’s is the most amazing small boutique Italian restaurant with the best food.

I used to have angel hair pasta, sun-dried tomatoes, Italian sausage and goat cheese. That was one of my favorite jaunts to hang out in, as well as the Pontiac Café, [which] is awesome for sitting outside, if the weather’s nice, and having a drink (Editor's note: according to a staff member, Pontiac Café is closing sometime this month. Best place to recover from a break-up Michigan Avenue, baby! And then go to Pop’s For Champagne by yourself and feel elegant and romantic and then realize he or she wasn’t right for you anyways.

Some songs are fierce and cutting and others are cinematic nostalgia.

It’s the first record I’ve ever truly co-produced and I experimented with everything from French spoken word, saxophones and strings, rain and drumming on metal ladders.

HIV infection causes a specific combination of signs, symptoms, infections, and diseases that are characteristic of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

DNA analysis has identified the HIV-1 virus as originating in a substrain of chimpanzees in west equatorial Africa .

Her style appears in fine form on Rachael Yamagata (A Record in 2 Parts): Elephants and Teeth Sinking Into Heart, released today.

Of the album's two discs, Elephants houses darker, more poetic fare, while the rock-infused Teeth explores some of the seedier sides of relationships.

"), and in the title track employs an extended metaphor about the painful memories accumulated in an elephantine memory: "How dare you send me that card? You are forcing me to remember, when all I want is to forget you".