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In this instance, the REALTOR® was a California licensee who pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit real estate fraud in two separate short sale transactions. He was accused of exceeding the compensation limitation placed on him within the listing agreements for the short sales.The listing agreements held him to compensation not to exceed 7% of sales price.

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Thereafter, it is discovered that the cashier or certified check is fake.The second involves fraudulent timeshares in foreign countries.Beware – REALTOR® Identity Theft A valley REALTOR® has reported someone posing as a REALTOR® to gain access to a property for the purpose of stealing items from a home.A Foreign Buyer Transferring Funds to US Agents continue to get inquires from alleged buyers outside the country with requests to purchase a property that often appear, in the words of one agent, “too good to be true.” Mortgage Lawsuit Scam Hits Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne issued a warning to consumers to be wary of any notices or advertisements that claim to offer homeowners facing foreclosure “complete forgiveness of the loan” or other monetary relief if they join a class-action lawsuit.The police report that the suspect has struck twice, once in Phoenix and once in Gilbert.

REALTORS® are asked to confirm showings with Chris Buckley before giving out lockbox codes.The listing has been changed to remove owner/occupant telephone numbers, and showings will be by appointment only.————————————————– BEWARE – REALTOR® IDENTITY THEFT A valley REALTOR® has reported someone posing as a REALTOR® to gain access to a property for the purpose of stealing items from a home.For information on filing a complaint, see the “Resources Links” sidebar.Arizona Attorney General’s Office -Mortgage Settlements & Foreclosure Resource Center Arizona Department of Insurance – Consumer Assistance Arizona Department of Financial Institutions – Fraud Line Stop – Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force Fannie Mae – Mortgage Fraud Resources HUD – Stop Loan Modification Scams Loan Modification Scam Alert FBI – Mortgage Fraud Warning Fraud Awareness Quiz Agent’s Credentials Being Used Fraudulently in Conjunction with Burglaries June 2012 Email Scam: Out-of-Town Buyer Scammer Found Listing & Agent on Counsel Highlights Two Scams Reported in the Region Out-of-State or Out-of-Country Transactions; Fraudulent Foreign Timeshares Robbery Attempt on Listing’s Appliances Agent reports that items of value in listing have been target of thieves.The agent asked a local attorney to contact the party.