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Clinical Aspects: The scenarios above are recent cases in my practice where the compulsion to view pornographic images on the internet is a crucial aspect of the presenting problem.

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When she looked at the sites, she was shocked and disgusted at the graphic images, some of which involved gay sex.

She said that she has been concerned for a long time about their diminishing sex life and the emotional disconnection she feels.

Clinicians who treat sex addiction have noticed more individuals and couples coming into treatment where compulsive viewing or pornography has led to psychological issues necessitating treatment.

I will describe a few cases and then explore clinical aspects of the problem in this brief paper.

She is confused and scared about what this porn viewing suggests about Frank's sexuality and about the future of her relationship.

She would like help sorting her feelings out and developing a plan about dealing with this with Frank.

The common link in these cases is that the client (or spouse) is spending time chasing sexual images on the easily available and often free porn sites on the internet.

What eventually motivates the person to seek treatment is that this behavior begins to significantly effect his mood, functioning or and/or relationship.

He presented to treatment after becoming increasingly more agitated, depressed, ashamed and "fed-up" with himself.