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Dressed in a Zoo York singlet, leopard-print jeans and bright white Hi Top sneakers, he seemed relaxed during his sound check while sipping on Coke Zero in between songs.

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MACKAY teens braved the summer afternoon heat outside the MECC yesterday in the hope of securing the best place to watch 2011 X-Factor winner Reece Mastin perform.

Mastin was in town for his Summer Nights Tour to perform songs from his album Beautiful Nightmare, while also wooing his regional fans.

" I screamed at him He looked at me with those eyes and I knew I'd made a mistake, I admit, he was annoying but I didn't want him to leave, the funny thing was, he had no intention on leaving anyway** Quinn Kali's li...

I climbed the last flight of stairs and fiddle with my keys as Reece came up behind me in a huff “How do you do that so easily?

Driving 84, some people play the part of Rusty Wallace.

If the décor is contemporary, an ornate Victorian object might not create the desired effect.Christina Parie was the unlucky soul to be eliminated last week from The X Factor when her and Reece Mastin were a shock bottom two.RR: Were you surprised when Natalie Bassingthwaite didn’t go to deadlock that she put the knife in basically sent you home? CP: Mel wanted to bring out the piano again, so we did. CP: I don’t want to go back to school, I just have to finish my exams, I want to start recording get an album and hopefully tour and stuff like that.Being on the go all the time in a fast-paced job I also can’t go past a good cup of coffee.When it comes to writing, I love to meet residents in the community and find about their life as I feel everyone has an interesting story to tell.Add the fact Fish split from her actor boyfriend Lincoln Lewis days later, and that Mastin is reportedly single. Cheeky 17-year-old singer Mastin denies their "chemistry on camera" led to Fish splitting with her boyfriend of more than two years and yesterday said they aren't dating.