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[Thanks to Kevin for the show notes] () Darin - Struggling with basic flow? And saving an image to disk when the form is saved. Why cant I see my image when I upload it (refresh) (save to disk) etc. () Kevin - re J Files, can I change a json type from an array to a group, ie I build a collection of json objects based on views, even though there is only one record.

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() Alejandro - On a form, I have a pdf, but it does not show.() Alejandro - I have a lookup on an alias table of Products.Bruce shows how to find something using the redirection search. INC - how to add an INC file to the APP () Don - How to make a desktop app that is responsive in all sizes of device, layout tips. () Rich - How to use a JSON string as an input parameter to a web service. () Rich - What is the "Generate List Boundary Tag" () Rich - Accept('json') net.Set Content Type('json') () Pratik - I have a server with multiple databases for multiple clients.() Roberto, re Lets Encrypt wild card certificates, support for these is planned, but will require a different Domain Validation technique.

() John re abbreviate, NTWS uses approx 50 chrs , before chopping off the txt and displaying - more. not logging in , suggest make sure delete session on logout is not turned on.

() Don - has a demo to show, a Clarion "Apple Certificates Generator", Don did not want to buy an apple pc to make his apple p12 file etc, so he wrote an app in Clarion to do it all for him, ask nicely and Don will share this with us see

topic=7670.0 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes] () Kurt - Re the Planner object, the header of the calendar is very small, cant see the dates. ALSO - how to lose the date lookup button having dots "..-" () Mike - An IDE question - How to find the code for a declaration?

[Thanks to Kevin for the show notes] () Weather around the world () Kurt - Schedule - the planner not displaying correctly when the resolution is very high and Enlarged Text is active (150%). () Darin - When the only allow 1 upload is ticked, what enables the end user to upload again? look in () John is getting weird requests on his web server. Wolfgang asks about secure and insecure sockets coming from Net Talk 9 () Marc - I need a discussion on the server side of a web socket server.

() Johan - I dont see all those options at the bottom of the upload settings tab? What is the best approach when the server finds something to send to a client? Send Text(socket Id, Text) () Wolfgang - Can a SOAP-API-Server/Client combo use Websockets also?

To Register: Net Talk User Group webinars will occur every Thursday at 3pm UTC/GMT (5pm SAST, 8am PST, 11am EST). () Ashley - I am using a queue for a map and the points are not showing. [fixed for the 10.22 build] () Ashley - Is routing available in web maps? Kevin discusses deep learning with deeplens and aws offerings.