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However, there is much more to becoming a successful retailer than just buying low and selling high - primarily determining what to sell, where to buy it, and how to resell it at a profit.

Choosing the right products to offer is one of the most fun parts about a retail company.

Reputable directories include: Answering those questions can help you select the right wholesale company.

More important, the right product can determine business success.

Some retailers focus on products related to personal passions such as sports or social causes.

Another popular way to get products into customers' hands is to use a fulfillment service.

The retailer buys in bulk and has the product shipped to the fulfilment center, which ships the product to individual customers.

This step takes a great deal of legwork and research, with thousands of distributors and warehouse operations competing for business.

By far, the most popular way that new retailers procure products for resale is through online wholesalers.

Before making any sizeable investment, it is key to determine that the products can be purchased at a low cost, and that there is adequate demand so the items can be sold at a profitable price.

No matter the product, a key to successful retailing is in selecting the best source for purchasing the product at a low cost with minimal headaches.

One of the most popular ways to sell wholesale products at a profit is through drop shipping - the retailer advertises and sells the product, and a manufacturer or distributor ships the item directly to the customer's address.

This allows the retailer to offer a variety of merchandise without having to maintain a warehouse.

Alternate places to find low-cost goods that can be sold at a profit include items made by local artisans or crafters, products sold at factory stores next to a manufacturing facility, and overstock or closeout sales at the local big box store.