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Anyway, we are reliably informed from Rick's mother that he cried and screamed from the moment he woke up in the morning until the moment he went to sleep at night.Subsequently during the day she would put the pram, with him in it, in the garden shed - Walked, (probably out of boredom and being fed up with being jammed under the sideboard), down to the end of the garden, where he fed the chickens with rhubarb.

To try and put a stop to this, one naughty boy sawed Mr. Became an instant fan - New school music teacher, Miss Dennis. His music teacher there was William Herrera, a brilliant man in his late fifties.

Lewis's rulers in half but luckily they were never able to pin it on Rick as he put the saw back in the caretaker's room before it was discovered missing. He eventually ran off to Spain with a girl from the fourth form, where they married and lived happily ever after until Bill's death some ten or so years ago.

Grade Three is achieved and he also starts clarinet lessons with William Herrera. They are, (the records that is, not the neighbours), Still Love You All by Kenny Ball, Have a Drink on Me by Lonnie Donegan, and Sleigh Bells by Russ Conway. Quite seriously the band barricaded themselves in behind chairs and trestle tables for the first couple of weeks, but then grew up very fast and got to know the kids and become their friends.

Forms his first band, a trad jazz band called Brother Wakeman and the Clergyman. Holiday in Exmouth, (now there's a surprise) - Joined a local Blues band called The Atlantic Blues, who were famed more for their enthusiasm than musical prowess. The band stayed there for a year and to this day Rick counts it as one of the most rewarding periods of his life.

and further anecdotes in either of the Grumpy Old Rockstar books.

- Somewhere, around about August/September, Mildred and Cyril Wakeman have an early night and Richard Christopher Wakeman is conceived.We will let you decide what the possible cause of death was. Rick passes Grade One examination on the piano with distinction.(He gained distinction throughout the eight graded examinations).This was prior to MOT testing, which was just as well, as the car had four odd tyres, little or no floor, was held together with more filler than metal and cost to buy £30 inclusive of tax and insurance. Sells the Anglia and buys a 1957 Vauxhall Victor Estate. Clarke's and went for one weeks camp with the Boys Brigade, would you believe in Devon, and two weeks package holiday (£49) in Majorca with his friend Pete Wakefield.Rick also did his first BBC sessions with the James Royal Set for Radio One. (This has been a personal thorn in Rick's side and as he has built up a great interest in politics, and intends at some juncture over the next few years to take the exam again as well as going for a degree in the subject).Just the one channel with such delights as Andy Pandy and Muffin the Mule. Clarke’s), but most importantly his first piano lesson with Mrs.