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The situation with obesity has changed completely after his sister’s wedding, when Rob started to eat healthily.

In his efforts he is assisted by a personal trainer, Gunnar Peterson, a chef, who cooks tasty meals for him, and his sister’s husband Kanye West, who is a real support for Rob.

While appearing in the reality show with his family members, his blood test results in one of the scenes shocked all his relatives.

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Let’s hope he will not give up his efforts and continue this hard work of losing weight.

Robert Arthur "Burglarize" Kardashian was conceived in March 17, 1987 holding American nationality is an American TV character and businessperson.

They started dating in 2012 and soon their relationship ended.

Now it is quite difficult to state, who is the second half of Rob, as he has disappeared from the publicity for some time. It is the fact that he is actually a lawyer as he graduated from the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business and even stated in his Twitter that he wanted to continue education. Nowadays there are three main topics connected with the name of Rob Kardashian – socks, music and weight.

He was matched with two-time champion Cheryl Burke and made it more distant than his sister, Kim, did amid her appearance in the seventh season.

Kardashian was just about wiped out in the fourth week.He has also participated as a judge in Miss USA 2012 and that year he has appeared in the dating show called The Choice airing on Fox.His private life has also always been a topic for discussion as it is followed by millions of viewers. This relationship was documented on the show and there were vivid speculations about it Later it was confirmed that Rob Kardashian girlfriend was Rita Ora.Amid the season, Kardashian turned into the most enhanced artist, progressing with his accomplice Cheryl Burke to the finals, her fifth time doing as such.Kardashian was one of the last judges of Miss USA 2012.His career is also connected with several business ventures.