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Here are 15 of Orange County’s most notorious cases.Campus gunman Who: Edward Charles Allaway When: July 12, 1976 Where: Cal State Fullerton What: Shortly before 7 a.m., Allaway, a Cal State Fullerton janitor who had served in the Marines, carried a .22-caliber semiautomatic rifle into the campus library basement.

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‘Dating Game’ contestant Who: Rodney James Alcala When: June 20, 1979 Where: Huntington Beach What: Alcala already was a convicted child rapist when he appeared on TV’s “The Dating Game” in 1978 – and won.

No one knew or even suspected that in the previous year, he had murdered three women.

Freeway Killer Who: William Bonin When: 1979-80 Where: Los Angeles and Orange counties What: Bonin raped, tortured and murdered 21 boys along Southern California freeways over a 10-month period.

Most were hitchhikers whom he lured into his green van and strangled.

We live in the land of sunshine, sandy beaches and opportunity. “Dateline NBC” recently aired a two-hour segment exploring the crimes of Costa Mesa community theater actor Daniel Wozniak, convicted of beheading a neighbor to pay for his upcoming wedding and facing a possible death sentence in March.

Wozniak staged the double murder to make it appear one victim sexually molested the other; he cut off one victim’s head and tossed it in a park, then he calmly walked onto a Fullerton stage and performed in the starring role in a musical.

In 2009, Alcala returned to court a third time, facing five murder counts. He conceded the murders of four women but steadfastly denied killing Robin Samsoe.

During closing arguments, however, he played the song, “Alice’s Restaurant,” in which singer Arlo Guthrie sings the line: “I want to kill.” Alcala was convicted of all five killings and sentenced to death. Computer consultant-turned- serial killer Who: Randy Kraft When: 1983 Where: Mission Viejo What: In the early hours of May 13, 1983, California Highway Patrol officers pulled over a brown Toyota Celica slowly weaving along the freeway in Mission Viejo. They escorted him back to his car where they found a strangled Marine in the passenger seat, and a coded “death list” in the trunk, said to be the names of all his victims.

He found her in a 12-year-old blond dancer pedaling her bicycle to ballet class. That day, June 20, 1979, he abducted young Robin Samsoe near her Huntington Beach home.

Twelve days later, her skeletal remains turned up in a ravine in the Angeles National Forest.

Then there’s Randy Kraft, Orange County’s most prolific serial killer.