Roger howarth and marie wilson dating

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It's not like he cheated on YOU, so I'd relax. I don't see you calling Terri Conn and Austin Peck out for having an affair when they really weren't separated like RH and Marie were at the time.

RH managed to get his photo with MW on the net, the one which clearly indicates they were awfully cozy for two married co-stars. Kassie De Paiva personal facebook page 6/21/12"Thanks for all the woo hoo's... back together" Todd to Blair 3/6/12Kassie De Paiva Fan Page 6/21/12I love playing Blair... No, she really wasn't backburned, ever, during her 5 year run, and she left only a mere 2 months before the show was done taping, so again, you're full of shit, please stop, you're embarassing yourself. Like I said, I'm not the one who's jealous or wishing it were me. RME back together" Todd to Blair 3/6/12Kassie De Paiva Fan Page 6/21/12I love playing Blair...

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