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Between the house and the road are rows and rows of red pine, roughly five acres and standing maybe thirty five to forty feet tall.Walking through these woods gives off an eerie feeling but enjoyable st...

I would like to say that I have since graduated from high school, ...The Glowing Circle And A Hug by Jazolinlea Life is not fair. My high school class lost too many people (way too young) to accidents, sickness etc., before we even graduated. One in particular struck me quite hard, I looked up to him, he was special, he was one of my best frie...I Think I Punched A Ghost by Bradyv32Last night (August 6, 2017) as I was laying in my bed at about , setting my alarm on my phone, with the lights off, I thought I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. I thought I must have just been seeing things so I went to sleep. The Great Samsara by Scott Grant My story took place in August 1961 when I wore a younger man's clothes.I was home on leave visiting my mother after basic training in Ft. During a sweltering, humidity filled summer night in central Michigan.I believe that something horrible has happened on that corner, leading to my calling them Remnant. Don't Stay In The House Alone At Night by El I have seen and heard things in this house before but I've never been bothered by it because in my village I'm known as " brave" so I'm embarrassed to admit I am terrified of what's happening.

They are completely black, tall, and have appeared to look male. Driving Me Crazy by frank601I moved in this house 11 years ago. I know everyone that has lived in this house has stories about what they've seen. My Sister's Shadow Man by alizzle87Hey all 👋🏾, I am writing this story in regards to my little sister who shared something with me last night while we were out dinner.Of course, me, being a teenager and easily spooked, was initially already creeped out by her house. Watching Me At Night by Just Another Person It has been awhile since I have last posted a story, for the encounters I get have dimmed down greatly; Well, except for now.Like I said before, I haven't experienced any activity for awhile, but a few nights ago I have been hearing things in my room every time I lay down to sleep. Todd And The Final Connection by Seraphina If you're just looking for a scary story today, skip this one. If you're willing to think through a problem with me, though, put on your philosopher's hat (or dust off your crystal ball).The locations of local chapter meetings can change from week to week, because local members sometimes host them.Therefore, it is best to contact our office at Charles Gifford at 248-620-6320, Al Crawford at 586-883-5838 or a member of your local chapter, before attending a meeting.It's a four-bedroom colonial in a little family-oriented subdivision that was built in the sixties.