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Undermining the site's fundamental purpose as an anonymous social networking site, the video chat leader has violated one of commerce's most important rules: Don't tick off the customer.

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Given that Airtime never gained any traction as a social networking site because its users cannot remain anonymous, it came as a shock to loyal fans when Chatroulette -- the pioneer of anonymous social networking sites -- announced multiple changes that have essentially eliminated user anonymity. This totally went against what made Chatroulette huge in the first place -- anonymous video chat!

All in all, it went from being totally anonymous to the complete opposite, contradicting its proven video chat model." Since the abrupt implementation of Chatroulette's new requirements, the site's users are defecting in droves -- a telltale sign that the new rules are not what video chat fans want.

“Once you try it, you see how many normal and fun people you can meet.” Ricks has spent as much as five hours at a time on the site, attracted by the opportunity to talk to people from other countries.

She says the most common Chatroulette users are men from Turkey, France, and Britain.

/PRNewswire/ -- The world of startups is littered with good intentions gone wrong.

Far too many wonderstruck entrepreneurs alter, eliminate or complicate service features their fans love -- only to crash and burn.“I don’t want to go anywhere near it.” Choi and Ricks say students shouldn’t let Chatroulette’s naughty reputation scare them away.“All our friends who are creeped out by it are the ones who haven’t tried it,” Choi says.Here’s how it works: you sign up, log in, and press play.Your webcam is activated and a text box on the screen tells you that it’s “looking for a stranger.” In seconds, it finds one, and a live video appears.Founded in early 2011, Chat Random is the only free webcam-based chat site of its kind.