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Less than a decade passed before Brian was unceremoniously dumped from the band he had founded.

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An old school chum, Keith Richards, took notice and in that instant a new probable universe emerged.

Although they literally were heading in different directions, Mick off to the London School of Economics, and Keith to Sidcup Art College, their souls were on the same track.

Young people are more likely to find their partners on their own.

This emphasizes the importance of having proper discussions at home, and the need for guidance on negotiating the cultural gaps between Eastern and Western approaches to relationships.

Within six months, Bill Wyman's brilliant bass and jazz drummer, Charlie Watt's, signature percussion would round out the band. In 1963, former Beatles publicist, Andrew Oldham, grabbed the wheel at the age of nineteen and steered the young rockers onto a path of fame and fortune.

Decca Records has gone down in history as the company who foolishly passed on the Beatles, so when presented with an possible alternative (and with the solid recommendation of Beatle, George Harrison), they seized the opportunity.

Another great legend I remember fondly is when Mick and Keith met up with John and Paul to receive a 'hit song' to record.

The song (which did generate a hit for the Stones) was titled "I Wanna Be Your Man." The legend goes like this.

There is a reduction on ’imported‘ spouses – even though there is nothing intrinsically wrong with the principle of immigrating via marriage.

Parents are less likely to be a part of this process when it starts.

The Stones endured many transitions over the years.