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Also during this period he made his first solo appearances at ' The Secret Policeman Ball' benefits in aid of Amnesty International demonstrating a burgeoning interest in humanitarian causes.

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So The Police did the unthinkable - they went to America.

The early tours are the stuff of legend - bargain flights to the USA courtesy of Freddie Laker's pioneering Skytrain; driving their own van and humping their own equipment from gig to gig; and playing to miniscule audiences at the likes of CBGB's in New York and The Rat Club in Boston.

Reggatta's first single, ' Message In A Bottle', streaked to number one and the album's success was consolidated further when ' Walking On The Moon' also hit the top slot. 1980 saw them undertake a world tour with stops on all continents - including the first rock concerts in Bombay - and the band eventually returned to the UK exhausted, for two final shows in Sting's hometown of Newcastle.

Much of this groundbreaking tour was captured on the ' Police Around The World' video and a BBC documentary entitled ' The Police in the East'.

The new material had a more political stance - ' We Work The Black Seam' dealt with the miner's strike, ' Children's Crusade' with drugs, and ' Russians' with the West's demonisation of communism.

He even wrote what he termed "an antidote song" to ' Every Breath You Take' in the shape of ' If You Love Somebody Set Them Free'.The ' Synchronicity' tour finished in March 1984 and the three went their separate ways.Copeland to movie scoring, Summers to guitar duets and jazz, and Sting initially to acting.More than twenty years later, the song is one of the most played records on American radio having clocked more than seven million plays.With such a stand-out track the album couldn't fail and it duly took its rightful place at the top of the world's charts as the band started a spectacular stadium tour of the States, the high spot of which was a sell-out show in New York's Shea Stadium.Within days Copeland Senior had them a record deal.