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He was introduced to Spiritualism during boyhood, his father being a sufferer from rheumatoid arthritis and attending the weekly séances of Lucille Rutterby in the hope of a cure.

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The other major co-founder was Eileen Caddy’s second husband Peter, who was appointed manager of the Cluny Hill Hotel at Forres prior to the more famous caravan site phase at nearby Findhorn.

Peter Caddy “turned to Eileen for guidance that seemed sometimes absurdly banal: for example, her inner voice advised him to charge £10 extra for an extra bathroom and to give the Duke of Bedford the best room” (Times online obituary).

This grouping he believed was “a fellowship of the original Christian Rosenkreutz Rosicrucians.” That belief amounts to a popular occultist misconception. This entity was the amateur actor and playwright George A.

The original group of “Rosicrucians” were Lutheran radicals associated with the pastor Johann Valentin Andreae, and are discussed in recent scholarly literature. Sullivan (1890–1942), who used the pen names of Alexander Matthews and Aureolis.

PART ONE: THE EARLY YEARS, CONCEPTUAL INFLUENCES, "MAGIC OF FINDHORN" PROMOTIONALISM, AND ANOMALIES The Times online obituary for Eileen Caddy (1917–2006) described the subject as an “unconventional spiritualist” who helped to found the “Vatican of the New Age,” a nickname conferred upon the Findhorn Foundation (existing in Moray, north Scotland).

The nickname may be significant in a manner not intended by the glorifiers.A basic problem is that the history of these developments has not been comprehensively charted, despite various popular treatments of the subject by partisan writers like Carol Riddell and Alex Walker.The Times online version settles for some beaten track details along with one or two phrases that are perhaps slightly cynical.Peter’s second wife Sheena Govan now “ostensibly welcomed her into the marital home in London” (ibid.), although the situation did not prove easy.The Rosicrucian adept Peter Caddy had created a volatile situation of ménage à trois. Sheena Govan Sheena gained a reputation for being authoritarian and irascible.Her flat in Pimlico was the venue for a small early 1950s circle entertaining “esoteric” influences that were surfacing in middle class sectors.