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Whilst she rewrote Rons essays and tweaked Harrys he managed to have a look at her essays for Ancient Runes and Arithmancy.

Prepare yourself as the war is about to ignite in full.""Yes Count.""Ah yes, one last thing." He waited until Harry raised his eyes to meet his."I am proud of you Darth Abaddon."With that the transmission was cut.Once complete he introduced them to their elder brother and updated his programs like the others.It quickly updated them on its experiences from the test run."He believes me a failure father, forgotten or destroyed.""Are you a failure?

""No Father, my work has only just begun and I am learning. I will make you proud."Harry gave him a smirk, "good, now return to your research, I will prepare another data package for you to assimilate."Harrys return to Raxus Prime was a pleasant surprise, he had been supplied a small factory for his personal use and a large store of cortosis and parts.Their programing included their weapons, the jedi's lightsaber fighting styles torn from training droids, basic stealth and evasion from scouting droids and he'd managed to rip the programing from a tactical droid to supplement things.Then he had a thought and tore the required information from a medical droid and scrapped an interrogation droid as well.A pity about your droid, however for a test run it did well, can you adapt the…array to deal with the issue or is it something beyond you? "No Count, it is something I have to finalise, however its first test was against a Jedi Master, not a knight or padawan.Arriving two years before Attack of the Clones, this is Harry's story as he grows through the Clone Wars and his return home.