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You can’t see what the future holds for your relationship but the best thing to do is set your expectations from the beginning.If your new beau is already showing signs it’s hard for him to commit, be honest and let him know you’re looking for a long-term relationship.I'm 26 but much p Cape Breaton Nova Scotia tabby79 38 Woman Seeking Men I am outgoing sensitive lady who is honest.

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No different to western women, who also do the same for their families and partners. But if a Slavic woman is taking the risk of seeking a partner overseas, this is the last thing she wants to happen.She needs assurance that she will not be forced to work in a foreign country where she doesn’t know anything, and maybe cannot get a good job because she doesn’t speak the language — she wants to know that her future partner will be able to provide for their family.A couple of days ago I had an exciting discussion with one of Elena’s Models male members, who enquired about whether Slavic women were willing to contribute in a marriage.My response to him was that at their home countries the majority of Slavic ladies work, however, they aspire for an ideal of family life where the husband provides for his family, and the wife stays at home, taking care of the household and children.It is habitual for westerners to believe that Slavic women primarily seek partners abroad to escape harsh economic realities.

I keep saying the primary motivation is different (which is an important distinction if you want your relationship to work), but it seems to fall on deaf ears. They do not intend to make a career overseas, or do anything except supporting the husband in his career, and in return providing him a happy home, bearing his children, and looking after him the way only a loving wife can.This will give him the option to step up or stop wasting your time (and his) and bow out gracefully.If he does tell you he isn’t ready to settle down, listen and believe him, instead of thinking his feelings will change sometime soon.In his words, she immigrated from Russia because “She was determined to get out of the indoctrination of her own country… “She is now living in Norway and work for a big accounting firm.” (sic) This fact made it more understandable, why he wanted to find out whether his new Slavic girlfriend (and potential wife) will be interested in working.His friend’s wife is probably earning more than him, and he thought it could be cool to find a woman like this — pretty, smart, and a provider.You’ve done everything right to find a date, from setting up your profile on an Internet site to letting your friends hook you up with potential partners.