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Greetings: Thanks to Scribbler for the clarification about Nicole's testimony. Violence against women, indeed violence period, around the world is a real issue but in the in the more educated parts of the world, women have gained a respect and power that is unprecedented in human history.

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In most of the 'modern' world, women are little more than human chattel or property with only the rights given to them by religion or customs dating from hundreds/thousands of years ago.You have to go back to the time before the monolithic religions when civilizations had women as gods but even then common women were more property than human.That hasn't stopped it from being an issue that some grab onto for their own reasons and this is why it's practically disappeared from the mainstream media. Haven't heard anyone mention here mention the TV series "Machines of Malice" which is playing on the Discovery Channel up here.For most producers, it just isn't worth the risk of having your movie condemned publicly. I've seen four or five episodes over the last two seasons.Later in the film it turns slightly as it becomes very gruesome at timeswhile still having funny moments here and there. The local looks back down at the kidnapper, as the kidnapper shrugs his shoulders as if to saywhat can ya do? pid=6825167&style=movie After having spent the last tree years institutionalized, John returns home to get a fresh start on life. Back home, he reestablishes contact with his aunt and his three female cousins (played by Maribel Martn, Nuria Gimeno, and Christina von Blanc), but deep down he feels his incardination came about due to his aunt.

He gets a job at a slaughter house but quits after only a short while. here takes place in John's basement where he's made a makeshift trolley/hoist system similar to what he saw at the slaughterhouse.Jhlipton wrote: "I decided to take a break because snuff was taking over my fantasies." What the hell is a matter with you man. First of two mainstream mini reviews: Mainstream mini review The Cottage is an English film about a couple of inept kidnapper brothers.As the movie starts, they are discussing whether to leave the kidnapped girl, played by Jennifer Ellison the truck of the car or bring her inside while they make their ransom demands.Later he trolleys one away from the other two and lowers her onto a table.Again very nice visual here as there is water running over her face and body from above. value: I really liked the gloomy feel of the movie as the color palate uses mostly muted earth tones throughout to achieve this feeling.The addition of the water from above, sets off the victim who gets separated from her sisters, nicely. It's funny, I thought A Bell from Hell had been reviewed before but I didn't see anything in the Reviews section.