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Sulfur is the sixth most abundant macro mineral in breast milk and the third most abundant mineral based on a percentage of total body weight.

Amounts can be raised or lowered accordingly depending on your state of health and the results you are or aren’t experiencing.

Many sulfur promoters recommend gradually building up to higher dosages although we don’t see the need to do that because users get incredible results at the amounts prescribed.

Sulfur plays a crucial role in detoxification, delivery of nutrients, and also in inflammatory related conditions.

Sulfur is necessary for the production of one of the most important antioxidants that your body produces: Glutathione. Hopefully, you now understand the urgency of getting a steady supply of organic sulfur (MSM) into your body, especially in light of the toxic assault we’re all under.

While the most common uses over the years have been for joint support, its diverse range of benefits goes way beyond that.

The following bullet points are the more common uses for Organic Sulfur: Why Has Sulfur Supplementation Become So Popular?MSM may be effective for the treatment of allergy, pain syndromes, athletic injuries, and bladder disorders.Other sulfur compounds such as SAMe, dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO), taurine, glucosamine or chondroitin sulfate, and increased glutathione may also have clinical applications in the treatment of a number of conditions such as depression, fibromyalgia, arthritis, interstitial cystitis, athletic injuries, congestive heart failure, diabetes, cancer, and AIDS.Without sulfur, glutathione is rendered almost useless. Just about everyone will benefit greatly from using organic sulfur daily because it is a crucial mineral that cannot be made by our bodies and is needed in every cell for proper oxygenation, effective detoxification, and for building healthy cells. The amount a person takes or needs can vary on a case by case basis.The general guide is to use one teaspoon (3 grams) twice daily, preferably between meals or on an empty stomach, so nothing interferes with its full utilization in the body.Most people notice something positive after just a few days of using organic sulfur the way we recommend, especially people suffering from allergies.