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Personally, I think that mostly of women (especially when they are younger) really don't knows what they want from life, from you, from self, so why would we bother with that at all?

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No matter do you like her and want to date, or you want just one night adventure, always be gentile, relaxed and try to act juts like nothing happens, no matter if you are scarred and your hart beat, just pretend you are relaxed. I understand that, and hear you: if you are skilled enough, can be your one-nigh adventure.

Women are in this field very same as you: they want all kind of relationships including hookups and sex only, but they are more careful when it comes to action.

In short: she must be not scared from you and she must have sense of slight control over you, so do everything you can to assure that she see you on that way.

If you read carefully, than it is clear that girls like no-obligated adventures, one night stands, flirting and everything as we do, just are more frighten and more careful.

This sound absurd, but would like to hear what do you think? helped me a lot to understand how to confuse females so they think I am their king or something :) I really becoming a king when it come to one night stands :) ......

Last year I spent more than 0 for various subscriptions and didn't get sex.

On the other side, in real world focus on all places and situations where things are relaxed like: clubs, beaches and all other please where people come to have great time.

It depends do you liked last night or not, because you should go in two opposite directions depending on this answer.

In first post, I described why I decided to write guide for "catching" (seducing) girls and women who are seeking males for hooking, flirting or dating, and having successful one night stand with them, so this time we are going straight to the point, i will try to explain important facts, talking from my almost 20 year, experience.

Question is where to get sex or how and where to find and catch female, no matter how old or young she is, no matter is she hot or not so hot, no matter is she smart or not so smart.

In most cases answer is: No, so lets focus on our wishes and feelings.