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Red (oops, they were already here), white (we have boats! I mean, she's fucking hot, who cares what the hell she is? You had nothing to do with anything great that ever happened in your country, so just shut the fuck up, I'm sick of your bullshit. Spain England Germany France Portugal Sweden Italy even here in US our founding fathers considered constitutional amendment to ban Jewish emigration for 200 years ... Remove them and the options for police are either let the violent criminal continue his/her ehaviour or shoot them.

), yellow (we pwn the SAT), brown (yo quiero yer jerbs), black (we brotcha here). : Eurofags dress and speak with a gay persuasion, have poor teeth and overall hygiene, live in dilapidated shit-holes, and envy US culture because theirs is queer. Yet, no matter how great they tell us that we have it, I am just as unable to fund something like that as someone here 300 years ago (that lived here in the US) Slavery still going strong. Why you ask - Jews are the most evil people on the face of the planet . If you dont want to get peppered or tasered or hit with a batton, or shot, then stop acting like a dickhead when the cops tell you.

If it has an orifice, we're fucking it and converting it to capitalism. Other than that, I suppose we do share some historical and cultural parallels.: Undeniable, beautiful win. We just usually don't figure out that we're slaves :(rahtxz: When I want to walk along the street and watch people using it as a urinal, i'll be sure to visit europe. Oh wait, we're gonna take our time on that, thanks for the development cash. People who invest pride in a group they think they belong to, such as the country they live in, most likely lack a solid sense of self. Anonymous: never liked this...thought pranks werw meant lighthearted and fun.mean cruel and unspirited..thank god some ppl went out of there way to help these poor guys...

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The US is a free country BECAUSE of the people who serve in the military....a concept you fucktards can't comprehend Anonymous: ^ I would suggest that you stop sucking the dicks for a moment and try to comprehend that patriotism (and pretty much everything else) doesn't require repeating mindlessly a daily mantra. if you've got some philosophical reason why you protest whatever the fuck the US stands for, that's your fucking problem.

Also, the US isn't "free" (sic) because of some dumb soldiers got killed and maimed in a foreign country; only someone deeply retarded would think that. but don't sit here and talk shit about the US military Anonymous: You said "politics is irrelevant to a soldier", and "soldiers follow their orders, because that is their job".

I have seen several photos of hyenas that have been partially tamed. Anonymous: @Rubber G so says this shit head white American decendent of the Europeans that used to bear bated.

I saw a few while in south africa in the game reserves....fucking big arse mean looking sons 'o bitches. Went to otherlands whipped out the African bear,tasmanian tiger, killed of their european Lions a few thousand years ago..realmanblak: You inbred mutant fucks brought a whole new meaning to the word extinction,with the introduction of capitalism and deforestation for large cities and factories.

What about the 9000 kids that starved to death in Africa? It might be the first large benchmark but its not the roots. did I mention they are shapeshifting satanic masonic reptilians that drink menstral blood? True, the Original colonies were established by England, they were settled by people from all over Europe.: See? You should have seen this amazing dump I took in Gibralter. so I have been involved in great things in both places....

you never here of that......: dont forget the irish potato famine that brought a ton of them over, and the Swedes, finish , polish and germans that fled from paradise (nazi germany) and none the less thats was hundreds of years ago when the brits were here so the cultures mixed alottrigonman3: We have the biggest gene pool cause we'll fuck anyone. Now you dumb dickheads are all arguing about her now, and now I gotta go fucking look the shit up. Shit, valid point, yet I'm still looking her shit up. Feeling superior to others because you were born somewhere just makes you a fucking idiot. Link to this: ing_idiot._You_had_nothing_to_do_with_anything_great_that_ever_happened_in_your_ country,_so_just_shut_the_fuck_up,_I'm_sick_of_your_bullshit. Anonymous: jews were driven out from Russia, than they came to Germany and now they are in USA and Israel pretending to be jewish, but in fact they are all americunt wanabe culture full of schizophrenicbeastialiopedobears Allah the cockroach: Jews were thrown out of every country they came to . The racial makeup for that county in the 2000 census was 99.24% White, 0.28% Native American, 0.06% Asian, 0.08% from other races. Chanonymous: pepper spray (like the taser) is just an option for compliance inbetween the betton and the gun.

Earth would be much better off without you.realmanblak: White people all over in America and England bask in Imprisoning exotic animals from their natural habitats else where on earth. Anonymous: ^ So to sum up the story, that marine was told that some people far far away needed to be killed (for some reason) but he decided that raping women and children was actually "funner".

As a payback they blew up his platoon making him a crippled to be displayed in a classroom during an endoctrinement session.

Anonymous: Part of the islamic doctrine is to kill infidels. You stupid fuck.: Humans are violent savage beasts in their nature, whether we are led by monsters with barbaric ideals or shepards with a peaceful philosophy..

we are guided with a system and controlled by either our weak hearts or deep fears.

Islam is NOT a religion (like many others), it is a genocidal war doctrine, with only one goal: eradication of all non muslims. Don't underestimate the vileness of islam, it is 100x filthier than christianity. Anonymous: ENGLAND ISN'T AN ISLAND, IT'S A COUNTRY ON AN ISLAND CALLED BRITAIN.