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He is now a free man however, with his attorney Blair Berk saying outside the courtroom on Tuesday that the defense team 'presented evidence to prosecutors that contradicted the claims of his accusers.'Berk did not elaborate on what that evidence was, and a spokesperson for the Los Angeles District Attorney's office would only say that the judge dismissed the charges after learning the prosecution would be 'unable to proceed with the preliminary hearing.'Discharged: Michael Bernback was cleared of eight felony counts including rape by use of drugs, rape of unconscious person and administering drug to commit rape (l to r: Bernback, Marcellus Wiley, Patti Stanger on Millioanire Matchmaker) The charges were filed against Bernback after three women came forward claiming that they had been assaulted by the millionaire in 20.

For 39 years Close has run the monthly meetings of the Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association as if it were an unruly political faction.His blue newsletter stokes and channels the anger of SOHA’s 2,100 devoted households, which, he likes to remind people, represent a powerful voting bloc in a city with chronically low turnout.Opponents of the initiative (made up mostly of municipal unions and developers) describe NII as an economic Armageddon that would “drive up rents, throw thousands out of work, increase homelessness, and leave nowhere to build,” according to one press release. The initiative “may not be perfect,” he says, “but you’re going to send a strong message to all elected officials.” The last time L.A.’s establishment got a strong message, according to Close, was in 2015. “Because of you.” It’s the kind of stage management Close uses to keep his guests on notice.I’ve been watching it deteriorate since 1945.”) as Richard Close takes the podium.

At more than six feet tall and clad in a dark blue suit, he carries the air of authority, and when he starts speaking into the microphone, the grumbling quiets.City Council president Herb Wesson came to the January gathering.Over the years Close has maneuvered SOHA to ride one populist wave after another, from the successful ’70s antitax insurgency of Proposition 13 to the failed attempt to carve out the San Fernando Valley from the City of Los Angeles in the early 2000s.“We all thought Sherman Oaks was a lovely neighborhood until ,” she says.Another woman, named Linda, borrows my notebook and draws a diagram to illustrate how a nearby building complex was able to evade city restrictions on density.Ramsay received the bulk of endorsements, from labor and the political establishment. The association doesn’t endorse candidates, but Close, a registered Democrat, made it clear through the meetings and newsletter that he was exasperated with the status quo. It’s impossible to answer that question.”Some might find it ironic that Close, a man who is highly critical of those in power, has led SOHA almost as long as Castro led Cuba.