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Snap-on provides all sets in the usual high quality, in different sizes and varieties.

New, used, secondhand Ratchet Snapon - you can find them all here, often at a fraction of the price you would pay in a shop.

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The mechanism of a ratchet allows you to loosen a screw without lifting off the tool during the process.

The notice at the left shows the information for trademark #147,515 as it was published on page 667 of the October 18, 1921 issue of the USPTO Snap-On tools are generally clearly marked and consistently numbered, but the tools from the 1920s are the exception to this rule.

These early tools were marked in several different styles, or not marked at all, making it somewhat tricky to identify them.

Different attachments are available for different screw sizes.

They are called „nuts”and are plugged on the ratchet.

The text notes that the collection would make up 50 wrenches, which was sometimes summarized in a "5 Do the Work of 50" catch phrase.

nicely summarizes the tools available from Snap-On Wrench at that time.

Date codes were applied in 1927 and later without regard for the socket marking style.

In its early years the date code system had a very specific function: tool warranties were of limited duration at the time, and the date code determined the start of the warranty period.

Snap-on is one of the largest and best known makers of hand tools today.