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They will still be your family when everything else falls apart.

Finding such a person at a bar or a wild party might happen, but the odds are against it. As the Rolling Stones recognized in their song "Paint It Black," "I see the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes..." the opposite sex is more interesting after the short, grey days of winter give way to the longer, more colorful days of spring and summer.This is why parents tell their children about the birds and the While great relationships can be discovered during the day while sharing common activities like volunteering for a worthy cause, the real work of romance takes place after the work is done for the day.Solomon is referred to seven times (1:1,5; 3:7,9,11; -12), and several verses speak of the "king" (1:4,12; 7:5), but whether he was the author remains an open question. On the other hand, many have appealed to the language of the Song as proof of a much later date, but on present evidence the linguistic data are ambiguous.Consistency of language, style, tone, perspective and recurring refrains seems to argue for a single author.Indeed, in the Song the faithful Israelite could ascertain how to live lovingly within the theocratic arrangement.

Such marital love is designed by the Creator-King to come to natural expression within his realm.

The title in the Hebrew text is "Solomon's Song of Songs," meaning a song by, for, or about Solomon.

The phrase "Song of Songs" means the greatest of songs (cf.

The closest parallels appear to be those found in Proverbs (see Pr -20; -29; 7:6-23). the descriptions of wisdom found in Pr 1-9 and Job 28) seems to confirm that the Song belongs to Biblical wisdom literature and that it is wisdom's description of an amorous relationship.

The Bible speaks of both wisdom and love as gifts of God, to be received with gratitude and celebration.

She hints, without saying so explicitly (see the last NIV text note on 8:6), that it is the Lord's gift.