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Do I collect anything that takes my fancy or do I stick with a specific theme.

I would not mind hearing from DEC about their new products via ARPAnet mail, but I would expect considerably more technical content and considerably less of a sales pitch.

Where is the line to be drawn between this sort of thing (if it is to be allowed at all) and advertising?

The ARPAnet is not, as Jake pointed out, a public resource; it is available to pretty much a select group of people (high school kids regardless! We are all engaged in activities relating to, or in support of, official US Government business.

ARPAnet mail therefore is more of an "interoffice memo" sort of thing than a trade journal, not intended for public distribution although not "top secret" either.

Another point Jake mentioned which concerns me is that of employment hunting (by employee or employer).

Is that to be taken to mean that a person cannot establish contacts at another ARPAnet site and poke around about a possible position there? Allow me to point out that at times a job is created in order to have a particular person on the staff, and if that person is unavailable, the job won't exist.I personally think this is reasonable and think we should lend our support or otherwise be saddled with controls that will be a nuisance to everyone involved.Regards, Jake 10-MAY-78 -PDT,3281;000000000001 Mail-from: SU-AI rcvd at 7-MAY-78 2058-PDT Date: 2057-PDT From: MRC at SU-AI (Mark Crispin) Subject: MSGGROUP# 696 in reply to Jake's message about advertising To: Msg Group at USC-ISI Redistributed-To: [ISI] I agree with Jake about suppressing advertising for many of the same reasons as I disagreed with suppressing subjective messages about QUASAR.I have heard some rumblings about 'control' and 'censorship' of the net by the powers-that-be, but I feel in these two particular areas they are leaning over backwards to be fair to the big guys and the small guys alike.In addition, the official message sent out asked us ('us' being network users) to address the issue ourselves.In my case I collect Railway Zippos, Marlboro Zippos and anything else that I see and take a fancy to!