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Twenty odd years later it's still a family affair, but in a different way.

"When you're faced with possibly losing something so special to you ...but everyone was so supportive, telling me 'you don't have to stop just because we are.' And my cousin Garron, he's been in the band almost since the beginning and he felt the same way, he didn't want to stop.Their sound is otherworldly, something rooted deep in the fae wilds.I'm Only Dreaming maintains much of this aesthetic despite the absence of two of the sisters who built the sound, which Dupree-Bemis notes is entirely intentional.It was cool being able to tap into him as a resource, because we really write good songs together! We maybe never would've discovered that otherwise." That joy and fresh inspiration shows.

Every Eisley record is marked by some strange magic, the Dupree sisters spiriting in some essence of sunlight with their vocal harmonies.

Sherri Du Pree-Bemis has tattoos covering both of Sherri Du Pree-Bemis got the logo of her husband Max Bemis' band "Say Anything" tattooed on the side of her.

various posters, old album artwork dating back Sherri Du Pree-Bemis, and Say Anything frontman Max Weiss - Drums Stacy Du Pree - Vocals Sherri.

I don't know what I would've done if I hadn't had someone there with me to say 'Yeah, let's just keep going,'" she says. Having a constant in Garron was not only reassuring, it was an unexpected wellspring of artistic inspiration.

"I collaborated a lot with Garron on this record and that was cool because we'd never - Garron and I had never just written songs together.

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