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posts gives good explanations about developing web services using Apache axis2. Some ideas in the following answer: Steps in creating a web service using Axis2 - The client code Gives an example of a Groovy client invoking the ADB classes generated from the WSDL. There are several ways to get help with our Products and Services.

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EXE) would start the Client-Server Runtime Subsystem (CSRSS. To address these potential issues, several system processes were redesigned for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. EXE is still the first user-mode process created during the boot process as in previous versions. EXE launches a second instance of itself to configure Session 0, which is dedicated to system processes. EXE dedicated to Session 0 launches the Windows Startup Application (WININIT. In parallel with the creation of Session 0, a session is also initialized. EXE creates a new instance of itself to configure the Console session – just as it did with Session 0. Credential Providers may also specify custom elements to display on the logon screen. EXE creates a new instance of itself to configure the new session just as it did for Session 0 and the Console session. This causes all of the disk I/O performed by the thread to be very low priority.

Once the user credentials have been passed to WINLOGON. Once a service finishes initializing, the priority is set back to normal by the Service Control Manager.

However, on Windows Server 2008 Terminal Server systems, multiple instances of SMSS.

This may seem as though it would cause unnecessary overhead on a system, and on a client system, it does not provide any noticeable advantage.

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Today’s topics are Startup Processes and Delayed Automatic Start for System Services. The user logged into the console would be logged into Session 0, which is the shared session used by system processes. EXE continues the startup process by starting SERVICES. EXE as well as a new process, the Local Session Manager (LSM. EXE for the Console session in preparation for user logon. EXE then launches the Logon User Interface Host (LOGONUI. EXE loaded the Graphical Identification and Authentication DLL (GINA) specified in the registry to display a logon UI prompting users for their credentials. EXE to load the credential providers that are configured in the following registry key: . To address the problem of the growing number of services set to start automatically and the subsequent negative impact on boot performance, there is a new start type for services that do not need to start early in the boot process – the will start shortly after boot. The Service Control Manager starts services that are configured for delayed automatic start after all of the automatic-start threads have finished starting.

In previous versions of Windows, during system boot, the Session Manager process (SMSS. The Winlogon process would then launch the Local Security Authority Subsystem Service, better known as LSASS. One security risk was that if a poorly written Windows service running in Session 0 displayed a user interface on the interactive console, malware could attack the window using windows messages and possibly gain administrative privileges to the system. EXE) which manages Terminal Server connections for the machine. EXE) which presents the Windows Security screen prompting the user to press CTRL ALT DELETE to log on. Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 do not use the GINA, instead there is a new Credential Provider architecture in place. Logon UI can host multiple credential providers concurrently and managers the UI displayed to users. When a user attempts to log on to the system, the initial instance of SMSS. The Service Control manager also sets the priority of the initial thread for these delayed services to THREAD_PRIORITY_LOWEST.

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