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Then we use our chosen Mod Manager, to install that archive, like any other mod.

If possible I recommend getting games you want to mod from GOG, their DRM free games are ideal for modding.

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Generally the less experienced you are the longer you wait.

Other more experienced modders, will test the game for changes.

I'll know when I try the next update, if Falllout 4 works just like all other Steam Games.

Alllowing me to manipulate Steam's automatic system, into being, in usage, manual. That's good enough for me to take control of my modded game, a basic requirement to mod well.

The Beta is a good warning that a new update is due, so unless you want to help find and fix any bugs for mods and/or the game.

Waiting until the PC release and checking none of your mods have outstanding problems, makes sense.GOG Galaxy allows you to set Auto Updates for each game and they provide manual installers as well, it's up to you which you use.Falout 4 doesn't have that option and Steam doesn't allow you to turn off Auto Updates for just one game.Indeed you can't turn off auto updates for Steam at all, the best you can do is limit them to one hour per day (Downloads Tab in Steam's Settings).Setting this time to when your PC is shutdown and you're generally asleep, may not be enough, though it appears to work for me, so far.Updating both the Game and mods can break your game and/or mods, when done automatically.