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Often times tropical systems expand further North so we have less locations for Northern areas in the database .

This list is updated at the end of each Hurricane Season and re-calculated! If this list was calculated only on hurricane hits, it would be totally different.) Rankings = #1 most hits and brushes to #50.

The cities and islands listed below are ranked 1 through 50 with the amount of years between a Storm or Hurricane (inc extratropical) coming within or near the core of that city or island.

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The Mid Atlantic coast gets many brushes and recurvatures as well as back door extratropical storms.The east Caribbean only has August, September and October as main threats, also note the closeness of locations in Southern locations vrs North.This city gets brushed by many systems cutting across from Gulf Of Mexico and recurvatures just off shore.(affected 76 times since 1871) Brushed by Hurricane Irma in 2017 and moves up 2 positions.This tiny island gets hit frequently by systems moving out to sea just to the south.

(affected 74 times since 1871) Had a quiet season in 2017 but remains in the same position alone in the 2.00 group.

(affected 74 times since 1871) Brushed by Hurricane Irma in 2017 and gains a whopping 41 positions (was 52) due to recalculations of past storms and the reduction of 13 cities from database. (affected 74 times since 1871) Had a quiet 2017 season drops 1 position just below Cape Canaveral with 3 less hurricane hits .

Has many extratropical storm hits and is higher ranked than any other northern location.

The ranking list has shown up on company brochures, text books and government hurricane pamphlets with mistakes.

For example, title "Hurricane prone areas Delray Beach, Florida hit by hurricanes every 2.27 years") is not true, this is for both TROPICAL STORMS and hurricanes.

Alone in the 1.54 group with 25 hurricane hits but overall 12 less storms than Cape Hatteras. Less hurricane hits than Great Abaco being further south and missing many recurving hurricanes with 7 less hurricane hits than Abaco Isl.