updating photo on passport Sweet dee is dating a retarded person

Well, look, Dee, you're free to date whoever you want, okay? Okay, if I'm gonna break up with this guy, I need some proof.

Okay, number one, I'm not gold-digging anybody, okay? And second of all, this doesn't prove that he's retarded. I just think you should know whether or not you're gold-digging a retarded guy. There's the driving, the drooling in the yearbook... This is my brother, Dennis, and he's gonna give us a ride. I'm not wearing the suit, Frank, because it's lame, and you look like a pussy.

They're banging each other and doing meth before they hit grade school. So this guy could have, like, a little hand and a giant body. I gots to get back to the studio, but I'll holler at you later, okay, pooh bear? The shoes were the same size, but his hand was like... He used to take classes in a trailer outside school. I mean, there's no bands out there with any musical ability.