Sweet home alabama dating show

“Tex” doesn’t seem like he’s in the right place for that. Those two professions, combined with what we saw of his personality, likely made many viewers’ gaydars go off. It’s obvious that this guy will stir up trouble in the house.

Landon “Tex” Chase I’m sure “Tex” is a nice guy, but I don’t see him being right for Paige.

We’ll start with the fact that he has a 1 1/2 year old daughter – that’s a complicated situation, and the one thing I like about Sweet Home Alabama is that the show doesn’t result in an engagement, just dating – like, you know, normal people. Shaun is from New York, thinks very highly of himself and uttered the clever, but nasty comment that someone needs to get him a Rosetta Stone, Hillbilly Edition as soon as possible.

The Southern belle choosing amongst a group of 22 guys from the city and the country this season is Paige Duke, who was sent home with her head held high by Tribble last season.

I liked Paige a lot – she and Tribble definitely had more chemistry as friends, but she seemed like an incredibly fun, down-to-earth, sweet girl.

Dustin Tavella Dustin seemed like a very lovely person, but totally friend material. So few of the city guys made a good impression on me. He’s 23, which seems a little young, and he didn’t come across as very mature for his age. Last time there was a Jersey Shore character (or wannabe – same thing) on the show, he was a real piece of work. But a personal trainer from New Jersey has an awful lot of stereotypes working against him. Severn Lang Things Severn has working against him: 1. But Matt, a country guy, was a choice that surprised me.

And dare I say, perhaps a little bit of a gay vibe? In any case, his urban rocker-DJ vibe definitely doesn’t seem to suit Paige’s style, although I do have to give him credit for the amount of times he mentioned how important it is to respect women. My guess is that Jeremy is very smart, was nerdy in high school and college, and is covering up those insecurities with an ego now that he has a fancy high-paying job. He’s 29, lives in Alabama and is a mechanic and drag racer. If you like The Bachelor, I guarantee you’ll like this show – it’s way less cringe-inducing and way more fun.Paige was worried that he saw her as one of the guys, but I thought he deserved a second chance. Matt just seemed like he had a lot more in common with Paige, and he seemed a more appropriate choice than the 21 year-old kid she gave the first date too. You can follow Jill at her blog, couchtimewithjill.com, or on Twitter @jillemader Jill has been an avid fan of TV since the age of two, when she was so obsessed with Zoobilee Zoo that her mother lied and told her it had been canceled.Despite that setback, she grew up to be a television aficionado and pop culture addict. Production on the new episodes began earlier this week in Fairhope, Ala.In each one-hour episode, Kelsey says goodbye to more of her suitors in the hopes of finding her true love and someone her family approves." data-reactid="26" returns with 11 city and 11 country guys vie for the affections of Southern belle Kelsey.I guess we’ll find out if there’s any chemistry there on next week’s episode. One choice was pretty obvious, the other surprised me.