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Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer.Update Star includes support for many languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Russian and many more.3600 RUGER RUGER SR22PB 10RD 3607 RUGER SR22PS PISTOL 22LR 3.5 3701 RUGER 3701 LCP 380A AUTO BLUED 37119 RUGER HM77R 243WIN BOLT RIFLE 37121 RUGER HM77R HAWKEYE BOLT RIFLE 37123 RUGER HM77R 7MM-08 REM BOLT 37124 RUGER HM77R HAWKEYE BOLT RIFLE 37126 RUGER RUGER HM77R 300 24 WALNUT BLU 37138 RUGER HM77CR 243 WIN BOLT 371826228 USED RUGER LCP .380 LASER 37205 MOSS MOSSBERG MOD 715T FLAT TOP 22L 37209 MOSSBERG 715T FLAT TOP 22LR 25 37234 MOSSBERG 715T FT TACT 22LR 25R 37254 MOSSBERG 37254 BLAZE 47 S A RI 37255 MOSSBERG BLAZE 47 22LR 373555 USED REMINGTON 700 270CAL BOLT 3740 RUGER RUGER 3740 LCP 380 ACP 2.75 GLS FLD GRIP 6 RUGER RUGER 3750 LCP II 380 AUTO 2.75" BLK 6RND 3752 RUGER RUGER LCP 380ACP 2.75" 6RD SEM 3801 RUGER RUGER KSR45 45ACP SS 380RAJ0431 USED SMITH & WESSON SIGMA 380 380S119576 T WALTHER PPKS 380ACP 3-1 4 3811 RUGER RUGER 3811 SECURITY-9 SEMI AUTO 38100 MOSSBERG 802 PLINKSTER 22LR 18 38216 MOSSBERG 802 PLINKSTER 22LR BL 387487 USED WINCHESTER 12 16GA PUMP 3895TS HI-POINT CARBINE 380ACP 16.5" 10RD 3895TS PI HI-PONT 3895TS PI 380ACP 16.5 10RD PINK 3895TS PI HI-PONT 3895TS PI 380ACP 16.5 10RD PINK 4095TS HI-POINT 40S&W CARBINE BLACK 40SWRAY2496 USED SMITH & WESSON SW40GVE 40 40-VLM4379 USED SMITH & WESSON 410 40SW 4 45022 MOSSBERG 535 PUMP 410 GA.45110 MOSSBERG 535ATS 12 20 MO THUMB MOSS 45236 MOSSBER G MOSSBERG 45236 535 ATS TURKEY PUMP 12GA RH 22" MOO 4595TS HI-POINT 45ACP CARBINE BLK TGT 4595TS WC HI-POINT 4595TS 45ACP CARBINE 17.5" 9RD 4595TS-4X HI-POINT 45ACP CARBINE BLK W 4 4595TSPRO HI-POINT 45ACP CARB BLK TS PRO 460246X USED REMINGTON 1100 20GA SKEET 47001 SAVAGE A17 17HMR 10RD 0 SAVAGE SAVAGE 47200 A22 22LR 22" 10RD BLU SYN 47200 SAVAGE SAVAGE 47200 A22 22LR 22" 10RD BLU SYN 47400 SAVAGE SAVAGE 40700 A22 SEMI 22MAG SPORTER 21 BLK SYN 50 WIN WINCHESTER 50 12GA 30BARREL S 5000 TAYLOR TAYLORS 5000 1873 GUNFIGHTER 357CAL 50104 MOSS MOSSBERG 500 410GA 24VR, FIXED 50112 MOSSBERG 500E PUMP 410 GA.You can choose your language settings from within the program.

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