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It refers to the men as “hunks.” It includes sidebars about the “gay rumors” that have swirled around both men for decades.

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For those who heard about the case of Ray Cole—a British tourist arrested last year in Marrakech, Morocco, on suspicion of committing “homosexual acts” and sentenced to four months’ hard time in a Moroccan jail prior to his early release—it is perhaps difficult to imagine that Morocco was something of a gay paradise for white men of standing in the aftermath of World War II.Some lived by their wits, others on remittances from home.It is in the public domain that he has had up to 8 romantic relationships with different women and married three times.If the church decides to make Yolanda Tom’s next wife, they’d certainly want her to have a child soon.He is also rumored to have dated three additional women although such relationships could not be confirmed.

The language throughout the piece is exactly like this.

According to the tabloid’s source, “John literally became obsessed with Tom after seeing him in says Travolta frequently tried to arrange introductions to rising actors around that time, and Cruise caught his eye.” It screams, “Tom & John 30 Year Gay Secret.” And yet the story itself winds up being about how Travolta’s bonding with Cruise three decades ago helped facilitate the younger star’s eventual adoption of Scientology.

There is NO “30 year gay secret.” Even the source says, of their time together in Oregon, “I’m sure if John had any designs at the time on involving Cruise in anything more than a regular friendship, it would have come as a complete surprise to Tom.” So what was the point of the article?

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