Amateurfreewebcam Updating for areo

Those that have modified their vehicle will find this very handy when a sensor, vacuum line, etc.

has been inadvertently left disconnected, or something was just not put back together properly.

Gauges come with a black bezel with polished silver center ring with a black face as shown on right.

An extra white face is also included and can easily be swapped since the bezel screws on/off.

The two analog inputs can be configured through menu choices.

A linear conversion can be entered so that an analog signal connected to the gauge can be read in appropriate units.

Has high intensity warning lights that can be set using a 1 or 2 parameter algorithm. For example, trigger the lights when rpm exceeds 6000 rpm, or when trans temp exceeds 230 F and coolant exceeds 210 F, or when air fuel ratio is above 12.5 and throttle is above 75%.

Due to the gauges extremely fast update rate, this light is very accurate and easy to set.

This function is not available on the ISO based (older imports) due to slower bus speeds.

Installation in most cases is accomplished by simply plugging the supplied connector into the OBD2 port below the steering wheel. Some vehicles such as those requiring the ISOi version (older imports) require switched 12v power.

Once you try it you'll find you can't live without it!

Another menu option offers the ability to swap the foreground and backround colors of the display (as pictured below).

The gauge displays 2 parameters at a time, but can be programmed to cycle through up to 8 parameters during a user determined period of time.