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Linux users can alternatively install Mapsource 6.13.6 in WINE.

After unpacking you find instructions for Qlandkarte / Linux use in a file (informations... For Linux/Unix users there is also a script to unpack the maps, and automatically create a gmapsupp: Mapsource - I wouldn't use any version but 6.16.3.

a way crosses another on a brigde, here no connecting node is the right solution).- If you use Windows 2000 you need to install the "reg" command : Reg cmd at Microsoft if you want to run the batchfiles (files).

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Mapsource versions 6.14 to 6.15.6 are complete junk, if you use it, please update.

Also note that Mapsource versions prior to 6.16.1 do not show all ways and pathes so they are not really usable.

If you plan your routes on a PC solve this issue with Win GDB: plan-routes/- Autorouting needs attributes like tracktype, lanes, routes, smoothness, class:bicycle and others to work well. (not all are needed, but enough for me to guesstimate wheter a street is cyclefriendly/mtbriendly or not).- Non Connected ways and overlapping ways without node, this is the main problem and a problem of the underlaying map data – please check here: check/enable: "allmost Junctions" , "intersections without junctions" as well as "overlapping ways". You can then follow the link to Potlatch (or also JOSM is integrated for JOSM users) and quickly correct mistakes!

Watch out not to connect ways that are not connected in reality (i.e.

Get Europe Map here (donation needed): installation you can choose the layout of the maps.

Traditional layout is for Qlandkarte GT, Mapsource and Basecamp and offers a good layout and design for big screens.On the GPS device offers high contrast for best orientation while riding your bike or walking.For riding your roadbike, or commuting I have included the "racing bicycle" layout.The Racing Bicycle layout is heavily simplified, and focusses on the street network.Buildings or other distracting objects are not shown. In order to change the layout - simply run velomap_country_change_(this is also linked in your Start -- Programs Folder for each map).You have not trouble.b) be careful here: Select the map as usual in Basecamp/Mapinstall, then go to the list of the selected tiles ready to be sent to the GPS, scroll down to the bottom, and unselect the contourlines only tiles from the list.-- This is not a problem with countries where contourlines are fully integrated like Germany, Alps, Austria,...... While you can join maps of different countries, routing over the boundary is a bit shaky, and you will have one map overlaying the other with white background.