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A note on the centerpiece make it lush, but make it low so everyone can see each other.I created mine in a trio of vessels all corralled on a vintage dressing table mirrored tray.The special women in your life who make the other 364 days special for their people.

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Many toy stores carry inexpensive versions, but you still have to buy them, which might be prohibitive.You could also make your own megaphones out of stiff paper.It is suggested that your singers perform the tune through megaphones, real or imagined.Using real megaphones should be easy enough, if you can get your hands on them.Time in the company of my friends always leaves me feeling renewed.

Laughter, shared stories and advice flying around the table acts like fuel to refill my tank. The years fly by too quickly not to sometimes just stop the bustle and connect with those we love.The gold makes the place settings say “ Have the gathering start at an off time like 11 or 4 ~ brunch or tea time.Chances are your guests will be less in demand by their usual suspects at those times of day. You will have more to talk about then time to talk, but it would be fun to add to the table something Valentine-y. Even better than love poems, I placed a pile of old love letters I found at an estate sale.Serve tea sure, but have some bubbly or Rose’ on hand too. They are tied with string, fragile and yellowed, but definitely read-able.My Valentine wish for you is that you can find the time connect with those you love.A third option for your megaphone fun is to do what we did in the recording studio: use your hands!