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Sometimes Deltup gets confused about which versions of packages you have.And, of course, generating a new package takes some CPU time.I came across this article, I thought it may help those new to Gentoo/Sabayon:) Gentoo Portage secrets Friday August 11, 2006 ( AM GMT) By: Aleksey Alekseyev (mailt:[email protected]% Gentoo Linux is perhaps the most-used source-based Linux distribution.

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While Gentoo comes with extensive documentation covering most aspects of using Portage, the techniques described in Gentoo's handbook and other documentation are not always the most effective ones.Here are some insider tips that can greatly increase your productivity.Still, Deltup should not break your system, so you should not be afraid to give it a try.KDE maintainers generate the deltas for their packages themselves.The most effective and well-known such tool is Deltup ( which allows you to download deltas, or the differences between new and old versions of package source.

That approach can save you up to 90% of the download size.This HOWTO ( describes using these deltas in Gentoo.There was a period when Portage supported a kdexdeltas USE flag, so you did not need to patch your sources manually, but after KDE 3.5 this functionality was not updated, so the kdexdeltas flag will not give you any advantage these days.Optimizing traffic usage Updating your software can take a lot of network bandwidth.There are tools that help you decrease Portage's appetite.Emerge-delta-webrsync allows you to download daily patches to the Portage tree, which is less traffic-consuming than using emerge --sync.