Updating steam platform sandboxie

It can handle many accounts, it can handle sandboxes (terminating, emptying and experimental support for automatically creating and deleting them on the fly) and it can log item drops in an easy to use interface.

Here is a few screenshots of the program in action.

updating steam platform sandboxie-14

You can find the source code here and a precompiled exe can be found on the downloads page.Hopefully the program is self explanatory but I will be expanding the readme soon.I have tried the steps you mentioned and it still "updates" when launched in SB.--------------- MERGED POST --------------- Sometimes it will force the client to close other times it wont do anything, anywher from 10 seconds to it never does.The only consistent issue im seeing is the forced update on being open in sandboxie.

I'm not sure what steps may have cause this because in the past it worked fine then one day i tried to launch some sandboxied steam clients and they all had to "update" which actually updates nothing. Started off as a command line tool to streamline the process of starting up TF2 idling accounts which then evolved into a GUI tool because I wanted to learn how to write a GUI program in Python.TF2Idle is an open source GUI for managing idle accounts in TF2.Hello Connorveevee, I re-tested and I am still unable to reproduce the issue.If the client is updated, what happens if you do not restart it when prompted to do so?What it is is a fancier way of starting up TF2 accounts in sandboxes with arguments. For idling on multiple accounts at the same time it requires Sandboxie.