Updating usb drivers samsung mobile devices pc studio

Using this guide is great as you will not have to use the KIES software anymore after learning how to manually flash all the required drivers for your Samsung devices.

This post will teach you how to successfully download and install the required drivers for all Samsung devices.

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If the procedure above was successful, you should now see something similar to the following when you inspect the Device Manager with your Android test device attached via USB (the precise name of this "interface" under the Android Device may vary as a function of the ADB debug driver you used, but it should say something about "ADB"): NOTE: If you change your Android device's USB connection mode from MTP to PTP (or vice-versa) you may have to follow the process above again (starting with the section titled ) to reconnect the USB driver with your Android device.There is nothing wrong with your Android device or your system, if this happens; it simply is required with some Android devices.The following video shows how to install the Android adb debug driver for use with the now Debug tab.These instructions also apply to using remote Chrome Dev Tools to debug your USB-connected Android device.This message was simply telling you that the Android MTP and/or PTP drivers were installed.

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