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It is extremely important to back up your files before beginning the upgrade.

If for some reason you find it necessary to revert back to the 'old' version of Word Press you will need to upload these files.

In short, Buddy uses delivery pipelines to deploy your website.

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For example, if you assign the pipeline to the Master branch, it will be automatically executed on every push to Master.3. Select the SFTP action and enter the details to your Go Daddy instance (hostname, username, and password)There you can also select the remote path where Buddy will deploy the files, for example The pipeline above can be easily expanded with additional actions.

You can add run Gulp/Grunts before the deployment, update assets in your S3 bucket, send a notification to your Slack channel, and much more.

Updating a website nowadays is a challenge: before uploading it to the server you probably need to run some tasks with Gulp or Grunt, bundle assets with Webpack, update media on S3, and so on, and so on.

Oh, and don’t forget about flushing that cache after the deployment!

In our case, we host our Word Press website with WP Engine and our domain registrar is Go Daddy.

Please continue reading the Detailed Upgrade Instructions.Just remember to retain a backup of a working site so that you always have a fallback position.If you plan on upgrading across more than two major releases, you should consider upgrading incrementally to avoid potential conflicts and minimize the risks of database damage.Remember, if you do encounter problems, re-read the Instructions below to insure you've followed the proper procedures and consult Troubleshooting: Common Installation Problems.While the methodology given below is the "safe" approach, as long as you have proper backups, then it is indeed possible to upgrade directly from the very first version of Word Press to the very latest version in one-easy-step.For example, if you plan on upgrading from 2.5 to 4.9.6, upgrade to 2.7 first, followed by 2.9, then 3.1, and so on. Older versions of Word Press can be downloaded from the release archive.