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I fixed it myself by rolling back to a local account, unlinking and then disabling One Drive and manually repairing all the permissions on all folders under C:\Users I had a similar problem, with the error "Failed to enumerate objects in the container: access is denied" This one fixed it for me - after trying almost everything else https://youtu.be/Cn-dgqoeh9I Hope this helps someone else! I couldn't write any file to anything other than my downloads folder.

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Reddit helped me, when forums and microsoft failed, with 2 install problems i had. Finally, maybe i expect too much, but I usually find searching for troubleshooting answers to be an incredible pain.

The first answers that pop up in a search are popular answers from 2 years ago that have nothing to do with current problems.

I haven't figured out a similarity among all the users posting this problem.

Obviously, this problem is occurring for many, but not all people who are upgrading.

Click on Administrators (your computer name-PC Administrators) again. For me it was my Pictures folder on my account (and One Drive Picture folder) that was causing issues (i.e. After double checking all my NTFS user and group permissions and removing read-only from some folders, I can finally save files to my user folders (like Pictures) again after icacls command - great tip, thanks!

If Apply is grayed-out, check a box in the Deny column. I am pretty sure the problem stems from One Drive somehow resetting permissions incorrectly on startup.I suspect that, in my case, a clean install would have also fixed the issue, at least for my C drive folders.Also, why the hell did i have to waste an entire evening finding this solution?Here's how I fixed it, copied from [here] (https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/systemcenter/en-US/0a8c0138-8e92-4cb1-8830-ff9464336d62/you-dont-have-permission-to-save-in-this-location? Right-click on the drive that is causing the problem. Regards, Niranjan Manjhifor me (glotblot), setting my group membership to Administrator did the trick. :)(quick note, cd'd to the root folder and I used wildcards (*.*) instead of the folder name, because when I tried to reset permissions on that directory it told me access denied.I'm a little irritated that i can't find the for this issue.