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Late 1960 Les Paul Sunburst models were finished with a red dye that was more impervious to fading and are often still a bright cherry red sunburst.

The earliest known sunbursts are 8 3096 and 8 3087 (with 8 3087 generally thought of as "the first sunburst"), and they are logged into the Gibson ledger books on May 28 as "2 LP Spec. Also 8 1641 was the first listing in the Gibson ledger books February 25, 1958 and was listed as "LP cherry red sunburst".Remember more than half of the 1958 Les Pauls made were goldtops (since the sunburst began in July 1958) The earliest verifiable Les Pauls with original sunburst finish are 8 3087 (with no visible center seam) and 8 3096 as both are marked in the Gibson ledger books as "2 LP Spec finish".The extent to which the Sunburst faded depended not just upon how much UV exposure they'd had but also when they were made.The models from 1959 to mid-1960 tend to have the red dye that fades the most.With exposure to sunlight, the red often faded making the "sunburst" an "unburst", giving the Les Paul's top a uniform yellowish-brown color.

Hence the reason why 1958 to 1960 Gibson Les Paul Sunburst guitars can now be seen in a variety shades of sunbursts.

The Gibson Les Paul Sun burst guitar from 1958 1959 1960 is the top of the electric guitar heap.

Still made today, but the original 58 59 60 Sunburst models are the originals that started it all.

Slash is probably one of the most famous Les Paul players in rock.

He has a huge collection of Les Pauls, but his best known and best loved is actually a 1959 replica built by Kris Derrig.

These "tiger stripe" patterns can be very beautiful.